Introduction :

Biodiversity Conservation is a UGC funded course introduced in the year 2015-16 in collaboration of department of Botany with Zoology. Under this course we motivate students about awareness regarding conservation of Biodiversity and their national responsibilities regarding conservation.

Objectives :
  • To know the Plant and Animal Biodiversity.
  • To know the Bacteria, Fungi and other organisms.
  • To study Ecosystem & Environment.
  • To study Agriculture & Nursery Techniques.
  • To know the Biotechnological Concept.
  • To study preventive measures of Biodiversity loss.
  • To conduct biodiversity Conservation awareness programs by visiting certain places.
  • To motivate students to participate in Biodiversity Conservation Programs.
  • To create awareness among the students regarding biodiversity loss and its conservation   strategy.

Duration and Intake Capacity




Intake capacity

6 Months




Eligibility for Admission: 10+2 from any faculty
Fees Structure: Rs.  500 /-
Course Content

  • Awareness and knowledge of Biodiversity.
  • Strategies of Government for conservation of Biodiversity.
  •  Study of plant, Animal and microbes Biodiversity.
  • Information about extinct, critically endangered, endangered, threatened and vulnerable species.
  • Concepts of biogeographical cycles and ecological roles of biotic factors
  • Comprehension of food chain, food web and recycling of nutrients.
  • Field visits are made to familiar with diversities in plants and animals.
  • Origin of life.
  • Concept of evolution.
  • Taxonomy and classification.
  • Causes and effects of loss of Biodiversity.
  • Levels of Biodiversity.
  • Climatic change and earth Summits.
  • Environmental pollution.
  • Plants as bioindicators.
  • Ecotourism.
  • Course Coordinator -  Mr. Dethe R. P. -9423462139   -
  • In charge -                  Dr. Nagane P. N. – 7756853904  -


Introduction :

Generally women heath does not take care of themselves according to Indian culture each and every year look after all family member excluding herself. The Culture does not allow doing some hygienic thing which is requiring in case of every woman. It is our try to make the women strong by heath and mind too. This course will provide at least some basic knowledge about heath, child care, self care and hygiene.

  • To impart knowledge of heath is the basic aim of this course.
  • The girl’s students accepted to acquire the knowledge of heath and hygiene.
  • To understanding the scientific methods of first aid.
  • To understand self body structure and functions.

Duration and Intake Capacity

Duration Awards Intake capacity
06 months Certificate 20

Eligibility for Admission: 10+2 from any faculty
Fee structure: 500/-

Topic 1 Understanding the women hood

Topic 2 Anatomy and Physiology of women body
Topic 3 Adolescent age- Psychological and Physiological changes in adolescence.  Heath and nutrition of Adolescence girls, Problems of adolescence, Pubertal changes, Genital problems, Precaution and Prevention
Topic 4 Hygiene related to genital problems
Topic 5 Menstruation Cycle, Normal Cycle, Abnormal Cycle, Emergencies
Topic 6 Sexual relations- legitimate, Non-legitimate, safe, unsafe
Topic 7 Sexually transferred  disease
Topic 8 Pregnancy-Phenomenon, Mechanism , Sex Determination, Physiological and Psychological changes  during pregnancy period, Exercise during pregnancy
Topic 9 Child birth-Normal process of pregnancy problems and emergencies, Development of child, Nutrition, Milestones in development, Importance of mothers milk, Blind  beliefs in child development, Immunization and Vaccination, Abnormalities, Pre-netal and neo-natal care, General accidents with children, Prevention First aid and mental intervention.
Topic 10  Being with your Family


Visit to gynecologist’s, Interview of pregnant women, Discussion with Doctor, Observation of delivery, Visit to pediatric hospital, Dressing injunction, Application of IV injection, physiotherapy, Yoga, Massage, Preparation of nutritious food for pregnant women, mother and child.


     Coordinator Name: Mr.  R. P. Dethe. Email Id-
 Faculty Name:   1) Dr. Mrs. V.B. Nalawade. Email
2) Smt. S.Y.Shidankar.